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  • SMK204
    CNC Internal Thread Grinding Center
    Feature and Parameter
    Configuration and Workpiece

    * The grinding machine is professional to processing in ball nut of  cylindrical surface, ending surface and  Internal thread race for once clamping.
    * The machine adopt THK ball screw and linear guideway , T type mineral casting frame to be better in vibrating and heat distortion .
    * The machine spindle drive by motor spindle, and follow by Heidenhain encoder.
    * Nuts raceway grinding wheel dress for two way:   1. Molding diamond grinding wheel ,2. dishing diamond grinding wheel, X and W axis Interpolating to dress, and suitable for different size ball and nut to grinding . Excircle grinding wheel dress by diamond pen dresser.
    * The machine can check nut circular hole , automatic ensure locations of grinding internal thread ,and have grinding wheel dress measure compensation function and two-way grinding.
    * All the motor spindle adopt constant temperature coolant system to reduce heat distortion . the machine have device to check the pressure and flow in hydraulic pipe, it is better to protect motor spindle ,guideway and motor when fault.


    Model SMK204
    Max.diameter of grinding excircle mm φ200
    Max.grinding length mm 150
    Diameter of grinding internal thread mm φ20-100
    Helix angle of internal thread
    Power/Speed of workpiece motor spindle KW/rpm 10.1/0~100
    Power/Speed of internal thread motor spindle KW/rpm 5.5/500~24000
    Power/Speed of external grinding motor spindle KW/rpm 5.5/50~3000
    Power/Speed of diamond roller spindle KW/rpm 1.5/50~10000
    Diameter of internal thread wheel mm 20~100
    Max.diameter of excircle grinding wheel mm 400
    Diameter of diamond grinding wheel mm 80
    X/Z/W axis travel of wroktable mm 560/250/50
    X/Z/W axis torque of servo motor Nm 8/8/4
    X/W/Z axis positioning accuracy
    X/W/Z axis repeatability positioning accuracy
    Weight KG 6200
    Machine size mm 3100×2000×2400

    * Siemens828D control system and servo motor
    * External grinding motor spindle
    * Internal grinding motor spindle
    * Closed-loop control device
    * cooling oil device of motor spindle
    * Automatic mist collector-mist extractor system
    * Diamond grinding wheel dresser
    * Hydraulic 3-jaw  chuck
    * Automatic lubrication system
    * Cabinet air condition
    * Electronic hand-wheel
    * Cutting fluid filtration device


    * Simens810D control system
    * Hydraulic 4-jaw  chuck
    * PMI ball screw and linear guideway

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